Neuron Medical Corporation is the neurology practice of Liliana Cohen, M.D., Paul Dudley, M.D. and naturopathic medical doctor Kristin Stiles Green, N.M.D. of Thousand Oaks, California. 


Low Cholesterol: Is There a Neurologic Link?

In the human brain, cholesterol plays an important role. 25% of the brain is made up of cholesterol making it the most cholesterol rich organ.

LOW CHOLESTEROL can cause depression, memory loss,  associated with aggression, violence, autistic spectrum disorder.

With all this information there is a link between low cholesterol and neurologic function. How could there not be? With the brain being made of 25% cholesterol, this substance is quite important.

Although cholesterol-lowering drugs are important in prevention of stroke and heart attacks, the dose has to be adjusted individually, not “the higher dose the better”.

High dose of cholesterol medications can cause “statin dementia”. Specifically, lipophilic statins (like simvastatin) increase risk of dementia over time: