Neuron Medical Corporation is the neurology practice of Liliana Cohen, M.D., Paul Dudley, M.D. and naturopathic medical doctor Kristin Stiles Green, N.M.D. of Thousand Oaks, California. 



Established in 33 countries and counting, FARMASI is one of the fastest growing Direct Sales companies, and continues to gain global recognition through our skincare line, Dr. C. Tuna, nutrition line, Nutriplus, and our cosmetics line, Farmasi, that’s taking the world by storm.

Designs for Health ®


For over 30 years, Designs for Health has been at the forefront of the natural and integrative medicine movement, trusted and utilized by healthcare practitioners worldwide.

ECS Therapeutics®
CBD Products

ECS Therapeutics® was the first healthcare professional provider of a line of products that support the body’s endocannabinoid system (“ECS”).With the potency and purity issues exposed in mass market brand hemp extracts [view JAMA Research Letter] and more recently [FDA Report to Congress], ECS Therapeutics created a line of quality-confirmed products as a reliable solution for healthcare professionals and their patients.


Procana ®
CBD Products

Founded in 2013, Procana Laboratories has been on the forefront of cannabinoid research and development, providing controlled dosage applications of its medicinal products.

Procana pledges to advocate, educate and communicate the power of cannabinoid therapy. We believe that our products should be easily accessible and available to everyone at an affordable price.